Welcome to Pride Property Management

Pride Property Management Corp. is a residential property management company serving New York City and the greater metropolitan area.

At Pride Property Management Corp. we are dedicated to providing superior Property Management services for cooperative, condominium and rental properties. Additionally, we offer a Sales/Sublet Assistance Program and a Closing Department for sales, transfers, subleases and refinances.

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Property Management

At Pride, we consider the needs of your building our responsibility. Our management services encompass all aspects of cooperative & condominium building operations.

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Management Transition

Change is often challenging, but in the case of your decision to engage Pride Property Management Corporation, this change is an important step forward for your property.

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Client Services

In addition to managing your building, we also offer the services of the Pride Closing Department and the Pride Sales/Sublet Assistance Program.

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New york, NY
Englewood Cliffs, NJ