Our Services: Closing Department

Pride Management

In addition to managing your building, we also offer the services of the Pride Closing Department. Sales, transfers, refinances, and sublets are all part of the lifeblood of cooperative and condominium buildings. The Pride Closing Department is a professionally staffed group that ensures all transactions related to your property are processed according to the specific terms, policies, and procedures you have in place.

The Pride Closing Department provides all prospective purchasers with copies of the written guidelines, by-laws, and house rules of your property. All applications are reviewed, and only those that are complete and appropriate are submitted for board approval.

In addition, the Pride Closing Department collects and posts all appropriate fees due to your property in connection with sales, transfers, refinances, and sublets.

In short, the Pride Closing Department efficiently streamlines and incorporates the process of ongoing transactions into your everyday operating procedures.

New york, NY
Englewood Cliffs, NJ