Five Spring Cleaning Tips for Property Managers

After a long, cold winter, spring is finally in the air. And like everyone else, property managers have spring-cleaning on their minds.

Here are five spring-cleaning tips for property managers:

  • Review Fuel Budgets

Coming out of the heating season, now is the perfect time to assess fuel costs for the year. Buildings typically exhaust two-thirds of their fuel budget in the first half of the year. Track your usage to date and determine which direction your fuel budget is headed: deficit or surplus. It pays to know early while you can still make adjustments.

  • Inspect the Roof

Once the ice has melted, get a qualified professional up on the roof for a general inspection. Replace cracked or broken shingles, clean gutters and downspouts, and clear away tree limbs and other debris left over from the cold, windy weather.

  • Check Rooftop Water Tanks

While you are on the roof, it pays to take a look at your water tank. Check for damage that may be the result of weather or animal intrusion. And be aware of local requirements for cleaning and posting inspection information for your residents.

  • Maintain HVAC Units

Don’t wait until the warm weather arrives to assess your air-conditioning unit. Check filters and coils for dust and debris. Replace worn or dirty filters now and avoid having costly and untimely repairs during the cooling season.

  • Test Smoke and Fire Alarms

Check all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors. Clean dust from the covers of each unit and swap in new batteries where needed. If a detector shows any sign of not working properly, replace it. Make sure all alarms are working properly.

Spring brings residents out of their winter hibernation, so spruce up the grounds and clean up common areas.   A little proactive work today can make spring-cleaning a breeze!

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