Property Management

  • Ensuring that recurring monthly fees (rent, maintenance, common charges) are delivered, collected, logged, and deposited in the appropriate accounts.
  • Remitting mortgage payments and taxes (payroll, real estate, water/sewer) and paying vendors, contractors, and suppliers in a timely manner.
  • Preparing reports, overseeing annual meetings and budgets, and providing knowledgeable guidance regarding long- and short-term operations and objectives.
  • Management Functions

    • Complete management of staff including: training, supervising, performance reviews, maintaining personnel files, and working with local unions where applicable.
    • On-site presence for regularly scheduled property inspections and oversight of any ongoing projects.

    Board/Resident Relations

    • Receiving and appropriately responding to all resident communications.
    • Attending all Board Meetings and providing agendas, minutes, and monthly management reports.

    In addition, Pride provides ongoing maintenance and quality control programs to improve daily operations and prevent troublesome and costly repairs. In the event repairs must be done, Pride works closely with onsite maintenance personnel whenever possible. If contracted work is deemed necessary, it will be bid out to no less than three separate entities and scrutinized closely for quality and efficiency before work is begun. And all work is always subject to board approval.

    Property management requires a team effort and the manager is the leader of the team. Your Pride manager is a consummate professional who oversees every aspect of the property under your direction.

    Finally, Pride also offers a

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    Englewood Cliffs, NJ